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Static Generated Site

Migrating to Mastodon

I can't believe it can sort - visualized

Log4Shell and Solr

Solr debugQuery

String encoding in Ruby and JSON.generate()

document body innerHTML woes

Tiny Container

My (strange) journey to becoming a Ruby developer

Linux mv and file patterns

MySQL UTF-8 issues

Goodbye Gmail

Installing Ruby with ruby-install and chruby

Build your own software

Migrating my site from Node.js to Go

Bundle, grep, and Rails Applications

Introduction to LDP

Code4Lib 2015

Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms

Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

Hydra Connect 2

Connection handling with Node.js and MongoDB

Running a Node.js web site in production (part 2)

Introduction to Node.js

Running a Node.js web site in production (a beginners guide)

Using SSH without a password

Using layouts with EJS in Express 3.x

A Decaf Introduction to CoffeeScript

Compiling CoffeeScript from Sublime Text 2

Drawing a Binary Tree in CoffeeScript

JavaScript Async Programming for Sync Heads

Web Development on the Mac OS X (part II)

Functional Asynchronicity Explained

Sliding-in a Full Page Panel with CSS and jQuery

Future Directions for C# and Visual Basic

8 Traits of Great Metro Style Apps

Simple Branching Strategies for Team Foundation Server

Running Visual Studio inside Mac OS X

Finder Error -36 on a NAS

Drawing a Binary Tree in Ruby

Git Basics

Ruby Development on the Mac OS X

Returning HTTP 404 in ASP.NET MVC

Log4net Thread-Safe but not Process-Safe

Encrypt and Decrypt a string in C#

AJAX calls with jQuery in ASP.NET MVC

Password Recovery in an ASP.NET MVC Project

Yield Return

The Design of Design

Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development

Team Dynamics

TransactionScope.Complete Maybe

The Model View Controller is dead, long live the Model View Controller

Rubber Band Reports with Pivot Tables (reprint)

Expose your data as an RSS Feed with .NET 3.5

Multiple Endpoints for a WCF Service

Flickr Library in C#

DevConnections 2008

Managing and Leading (The One Thing)

Introduction to Scrum

Skeletons, Mona Lisa, and Problem Solving

Static constructors and ASP.NET applications

Computer Museum (Paris)

DotWiki 2.0

Upgrading Your Software Development Tools

Estimates on Software Projects

The Scrum Daily Meeting

Windows Presentation Foundation

Software Developers and Process Improvement

The Mythical Man-Month

Thoughts on Unit Testing

Binary Tree in C#

Book review: Lean Software Development